A person needs 17,500 kilowatt-hours a year on global average. This corresponds to a continuous requirement of 2000 watts. In Switzerland the figure is three times higher, i.e. 6000 watts per person. People in some Asian and African countries only need fractions of that on average.

The vision of a 2000-Watt society enables a balance between industrialized and developing countries and thus makes it possible for all people to enjoy a good standard of living.

Novatlantis is already today implementing the 2000-Watt society in an exemplary manner – as can be seen, for example in the Basel pilot region, in Zurich partner region and Geneva partner region.

This vision is to be implemented step by step with the use of the latest highly efficient technologies and a dense network of experienced partners from science, industry and politics.

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12.11.2013 | Bauforum 2013 Basel

Neue Pilotprojekte für die 2000-Watt-Gesellschaft Basel - Eine Chance für innovative Investoren,...

06.10.2013 | WRF 2013

The WRF Association organises the next World Resources Forum Conference at the Davos Congress...

04.09.2013 | CISBAT 2013 International Conference

Sustainable Buildings - Innovative research and technological development. Call for papers...

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