Smarter living

2000 watts – this is how much people need on a worldwide average. In this country these are well three times more, about 6500 watts. In 1960 Switzerland was a 2000-watt society – it should become one again as quickly as possible, without any restriction in quality of life. To achieve this a huge number of solutions in politics and economy, in society and science is necessary.

Demonstrating the vision of the 2000-watt society and its implementation should advance a new understanding for our resources as a key for a sustainable development. By including all areas of life, a majority-urban centre provides the ideal conditions for practical implementation.

What exactly means the vision of a 2000-watt society? Which technologies and draughts are already available to us today to reach this vision? Which influence have different areas of life on the personal energy balance? What do the Novatlantis pilot and partner regions Basel, Zurich and Geneva do? Which contribution does the ETH domain make?

This and other questions all around Novatlantis and the 2000-watt society are answered by the new edition of the pamphlet 'Smarter living'.

Project team and Partners

Project support:
Federal Office of Energy (BFE), SIA, Novatlantis

Project management:
Urs Elber, Novatlantis, urs.elber(at) 

Novatliantis - News/Events

12.11.2013 | Bauforum 2013 Basel

Neue Pilotprojekte für die 2000-Watt-Gesellschaft Basel - Eine Chance für innovative Investoren,...

06.10.2013 | WRF 2013

The WRF Association organises the next World Resources Forum Conference at the Davos Congress...

04.09.2013 | CISBAT 2013 International Conference

Sustainable Buildings - Innovative research and technological development. Call for papers...

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