Experimental Space Mobility / Pilot region Basel

In the field of mobility tests are carried out in the Basel pilot region to determine how traffic in Switzerland can be made more sustainable. This is a pressing concern since around a fifth of the energy consumed in Switzerland is accounted for by passenger cars that impair the climate and the local air quality due to the combustion of fossil fuels.

To make passenger transport more sustainable, four steps should be taken in a coordinated manner:

  • reduction in transport demand
  • shift to environmentally sound public transport as far as possible
  • improvement of remaining passenger cars by means of low-pollution and energy-efficient technologies
  • changeover from fossil to renewable fuels

Traffic reduction and combined transport concepts are treated in particular in case studies. In the “Experimental Space Mobility” project and its predecessor projects “Mobility Module” and “Innovative Fleet of Vehicles“ tests are carried out in the Basel pilot region to demonstrate how natural gas and biogas and in the long term hydrogen as fuels can contribute to sustainable mobility.

The joint activities with the different partners encompass:

  • testing of leading natural gas vehicle technologies (CEV/CLEVER) in everyday use
  • visible integration of fleet and taxi operators as users of natural gas and biogas as fuels
  • comparison of natural gas and diesel buses, information for decision-makers and operators
  • demonstration of new approaches in hydrogen mobility
  • events for and dialogue with citizens as well as decision-makers
  • continuous support through market research

Project team und partners

Project management:
Prof. Alexander Wokaun, Paul Scherrer Institut PSI, alexander.wokaun(at)psi.ch

Project coordination:
Dr. Stephan Lienin, sustainserv GmbH, stephan.lienin(at)sustainserv.com, www.sustainserv.com
Dr. Fritz Gassmann, Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), fritz.gassmann(at)psi.ch
Christian Bach, EMPA, christian.bach(at)empa.ch

Project support:
Bundesamt für Energie BFE, Kantone Basel-Stadt und Basel-Landschaft, Ämter für Umwelt und Energie der Kantone Basel-Land und Basel-Stadt, Industrielle Werke Basel IWB, Gasverbund Mittelland GVM, gasmobil. Weitere Partner stossen zum Netzwerk dazu

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