Roland Stulz
Executive Director of Novatlantis

Novatlantis takes the findings and results of recent research within the ETH domain and applies them to projects designed to promote sustainable development in major urban settlements. By using practical examples, we seek to demonstrate what a sustainable future might be like. Working with researchers and scientists from the ETH domain, we initiate multidisciplinary projects. In partnership with governmental bodies and industry, we run projects which reflect the societal and technical aspects of sustainability. Projects are forward-looking, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly and seek to ensure that future generations can enjoy a high quality of life. The use of the latest technology will guarantee high living standards. Economic prosperity for all will guarantee material and spiritual development. A considerate use of resources and closed material cycles will guarantee environmental integrity. Our vision is long term and our current horizon is 2050.

Novatliantis - News/Events

12.11.2013 | Bauforum 2013 Basel

Neue Pilotprojekte für die 2000-Watt-Gesellschaft Basel - Eine Chance für innovative Investoren,...

06.10.2013 | WRF 2013

The WRF Association organises the next World Resources Forum Conference at the Davos Congress...

04.09.2013 | CISBAT 2013 International Conference

Sustainable Buildings - Innovative research and technological development. Call for papers...

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